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NFL Pet Gear

As the name on my site says “Sports attire for everyone” Let’s dog wearing an outfitinclude our pets during this NFL season shall we? Well fans have been dressing their pets up in NFL pet gear for years. I’m just saying if you’re not, why not? Give it a try, my son has two pit bulls and he dresses them up on different occasions. I think they look awesome! Well I have some NFL pet gear I think you’ll like as well as your pet.

I have two cats and I’ve tried to put gear on them but it didn’t work out so well lol. Some cats will allow you to put NFL pet gear on them. Not my cats, they tried to scratch my eyes out. Needless to say I put that gear away real fast. But I have seen cats with them on, just not mine. But I still love them!

I would love to have dogs also but my daughter is allergic to them, so until she moves out I’ll just have to wait. Not saying that I want her to move out. She’s 23 so I’ll have no choice but to except reality sooner or later.

Anyway we’re here to talk about NFL pet gear. When I say Dog wearing NFL gearpet gear, I don’t just mean the shirts you throw on them. I’ll put some shirts ups but there’s other gear that I believe you will love and that will look awesome on your pet.

I’ll also put up gear for cats , even though I had no luck with putting them on mine doesn’t mean you won’t. Just be careful okay? And always keep an eye on them in case the materials cause them allergic reactions. Cats and dogs can be allergic to certain materials just as we are.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that if at any time your dog seems to be getting aggravated while you are trying to put the jerseys on them, then maybe you should discontinue trying. Especially if you have a pet that you’ve adopted. Who knows if the pet was mistreated by it’s previous owners. Sad to say but a lot of pets that are adopted were treated very badly by their previous owners. Love your pets and always make them feel and know that they are safe with you.

Another point I wanted to make is to check the size chart Dog wearing NFL football gearwhen purchasing the jerseys, collars, or bandannas. That way you can find something that will fit snug, not too tight or too loose. You want your pet to feel comfortable or at least as comfortable as possible.

Just imagine yourself wearing something that doesn’t fit quite right, well you know how uncomfortable this can feel, just know that your pet will feel the same way. So please check the size chart out so you’ll be able to purchase gear that will fit your pet comfortably.

That goes for collars and bandannas also. Check the size chart for those as well. Look out for your pets because they will always look out for you. Okay let’s talk about the NFL pet gear. I’m only putting gear up that are made from the most comfortable, safe, but yet durable materials. With emphasis on safe!

There are a few companies that sell these types of pet gear, but I’ve read a lot of good things about the company I’ve chosen. I’m sure you’ll be impressed as well. They also have a ton of reviews you can check out before you even consider to purchase anything.

There are a few videos that satisfied customers put below the Dog wearing a bandannareview section of the page if you’re interested in viewing them. Read the reviews, take a look at the videos. That way you’ll have a better understanding about the company and about the products before you decide to buy anything.

This particular company also offers gear for all 32 NFL teams, so no one is left out. As you know I only put up around 5 things per page, so if you don’t see your favorite team on my post, just click on any item and you’ll be taken to where you’ll be able to find your favorite team or teams.

I hope you find something you like, if not please leave me a comment and let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll do my best to find it for you.

NFL PET Jersey. Most Comfortable Football Licensed Dog Jersey. 32 NFL Teams Available in 7 Sizes. Football Jersey for Dogs, Cats.

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: features woven NFL shield and jock tag, screen printed TEAM NAME, LOGO and NUMBERS. Available in 32 NFL Teams.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Breathable poly mesh and satin for maximum comfort, durability and style.
  • The perfect DOG JERSEY for hosting a party, watching the game or as a gift to your loved ones!
  • Contrast neck and sleeve trim.
  • SIZING: Measure your pet from the nape of neck to base of tail, then refer to the size chart located in Image #2. (individual fit may vary) Machine wash on cold/delicate, line dry, do not iron.

PETS FIRST NFL DOG COLLAR. 32 NFL Teams Available in 4 Sizes. Heavy-Duty, Strong & Durable NFL PET COLLAR. Football Gear for The Sporty Pup.

  • Love your dog? Love football? Love your team? The NFL COLLAR for pets is a great way to enjoy a game day, make a statement, support your team & player, and get your party guests talking!
  • NFL COLLAR- OFFICIALLY LICENSED: This dog collar has been approved & Licensed by the NFL! – Don’t be fooled by other unlicensed, lower quality products. This DOG COLLAR features the LOGO and colors of the NFL TEAM!
  • CONSTRUCTION: For a STRONG & DURABLE COLLAR yet COOL LOOKING COLLAR too, it is made with HEAVY-Duty,DOUBLE LAYERED nylon, refined edges for smooth & healthy skin, with a metal Silver grommets and hardware!
  • FEATURES: Your favorite TEAMS NAME & LOGO is sown on the DOG COLLAR in Vibrant team colors! Has a safe plastic buckle & a metal D ring that attaches to your leash!


  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: This DOG BANDANNA has been approved & Licensed by the NFL!
  • CONSTRUCTION: A poly-cotton soft & breathable DOG SCARF BANDANNA with a STRONG, DURABLE, REFLECTIVE & ADJUSTABLE COLLAR yet COOL LOOKING too. It has a Metal Silver grommets and hardware.
  • FEATURES: Your favorite NFL NAME & LOGO is embroidered on the PET BANDANNA in vibrant team colors. Your PUPPY will look awesome!

NFL PINK PET APPAREL. JERSEYS & T-SHIRTS for DOGS & CATS available in 32 NFL TEAMS & 4 sizes. Licensed, TOP QUALITY & CUTE pet clothing for all NFL Fans

  • OFFICIALLY NFL LICENSED: Featuring woven NFL shield and jock tag, screen printed TEAM NAME, LOGO and NUMBERS. Available in 32 NFL Teams!
  • PINK DOG JERSEY: We know you want to show off your favorite team, but you also want your favorite color! Now you can show it in PINK!
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Breathable poly-mesh and satin for maximum comfort, durability and style
  • USE: The perfect DOG JERSEY for hosting a party, watching the game or as a gift to your loved ones. Machine wash on cold/delicate, line dry, do not iron.
  • SIZING: Available in 4 sizes: Large, medium, small & x-small.

NFL CHEERLEADER For Dogs and CATS. ALL 32 TEAMS ans 3 Sizes available. NFL Cheerleader Dress- Cheerleader Outfit for Pets.

  • Pets First premium Manufacturer of innovative oat clothing and accessories
  • Cotton dog dress with screen printed NFL team logo and Velcro. Easy to get on and off your dog.
  • Manufactured in China.
  • Officially Licensed NFL product

Well there you have it, I really think that the NFL pet gear that’s on here are awesome! I hope that you guys like it as much as I do. (By the way, when I say guys I mean men and women) If that offends anyone please let me know because that is not my intentions at all. If I have offended anyone, please except my apologies!

It’s actually a habit I’ve had since my kids were little, if we Dog wearing sunglasseswould go to the park or anywhere else I’d always say ” come on guys it’s time to go” How I miss those days! Anyway maybe I need to break that habit. Again, I apologize if I offended anyone.

Now I feel bad and at a lost for words, well I hope you like what I’ve put up, don’t forget that if your team isn’t on my post you can click on anything you’re interested in and you’ll find whatever team you’re looking for. And as always if there is something that you want and can’t find, please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to find it for you.

Please don’t forget to check the size charts so that you can find the best fit for your pet. It’s VERY important for them to feel comfortable with whatever gear you buy them. And please remember to check them in case of allergies they may have to the materials. That’s whether or not you buy from me or anyone else.

Just please look after the safety of your pets, if not you who else will. Not worth risking the safety of your pets just to make them look cute. But as far as i know, there’s never been an issue as far as safety goes with the gear that I’ve put in this post. So as always, if there’s any comments on this subject. Please leave them below.

Until Next Time!


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