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When it comes down to athletic apparel, there are those that are popular brand names and there are those that aren’t as popular and some that aren’t popular at all,at least not yet. My focus in this post will be on the more popular brands. Brands that I personally wear and have been wearing for many years.

Just because I say that they are popular in no way do I mean that they are the best. I’m sure there are companies out there that make quality apparel that I’ve never heard of or have ever worn. With that being said let’s get to the list and talk about them fo a little bit. By the way, this list is in random order not best to worst.


Founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany by Adolf  “Adi” Dassler in 1949. adidas has been and still is a very popular brand. I adidas imagecan vividly recall purchasing my first pair of adidas sneakers back in 1986.

That was the year Hip-Hop rappers Run-DMC came out with their hit single “My adidas” The song was very popular, so popular that at their concerts the crowd would wave their adidas sneakers in the air when the group stepped on stage. So of course I had to buy a pair.

I’m 52 now and I still wear adidas. From their track suits I wear in the winter to their basketball short sets I wear in the summer. I also wear their sneakers and hats. Very well made apparel, sneakers and accessories that will last you a long time. Durable,comfortable and stylish. You simply can’t go wrong when purchasing adidas!   www.adidas.com


Founded in 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports then became Nike Inc. in 1971. Nike is an American corporation which is headquartered in Beaverton, Nike footwearOR. I Started working when I was 14 so with my first pay check I purchased my first pair of Nike sneakers. I had a habit of wiping them down every time after wearing them which is a habit I continue with today with all of my sneakers lol. I guess you could consider that a good habit.

Air Force 1’s are a very popular style of sneakers that Nike has in their line up, and is one of my favorites. So popular that in 2002, rapper Nelly wrote a hit single called “Air Force Ones” that made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

I’ve been wearing Nike brand attire, sneakers and accessories for many years and can say with certainty that they are a very well made, durable and stylish brand.   www.nike.com


Founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1948 by Rudolf “Rudi” Dassler. If the last name and city sound familiar to you, it’s because the founder of adidas and the founder of Puma are brothers. It’s a very interesting story but too long for me to write for the pupose of this post, but It’s so interesting that I plan on writing a follow up post to share a puma footwearlittle bit of their story.

Puma is another brand I grew up wearing and still do. I think their logo is really cool as do many others. This is a great brand with awesome lookind apparel along with footwear and accessories. As I mentioned previously I’m 52 years old and I’ve been wearing these brands of athletic apparel , footwear and accessories since I was a teenager.

Go’s to show that they must be doing something right and that something is quality, durability, style and comfort. Puma is a brand you can rely on, can’t go wrong buying in my opinion.  www.puma.com


Founded in 1919 by the Feinbloom brothers and headquartered in Winston-Salem North Carolina, U.S.A. Champion is one of the oldest sportswear companies out there. They are a subsidiary of Hanes Brands Inc.

In the 1990s, Champion produced all of the NBA teams uniforms also some of the NFL teams in the 1980s and 1990s. I must be honest and say that this brand was not on my radar when I was growing up. I just can’t remember the Champion name back in the day.champion attire

I actually didn’t start wearing Champion till the late 90s, early 2000s. I’ve never worn their footwear but I must admit that I was and still am impressed with the quality of their apparel. Another thing I’m impressed with is the price. Very reasonable!

This is another brand that I can say is worth the money and more. Can’t go wrong with the Champion brand. Quality, durability, and comfort they also have some stylish attire.   www.champion.com

Under Armour

Founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. This brand is an American company that are headquartered in Baltimore,MD. You can say that this brand is the “New kid on the block” but has grown and continues to grow at an amazing rate. Very popular among pro athletes along with the weekend warriors.

Along with athletic attire, Under Armour also manufactures athletic shoes, bags, caps, gloves and protective gear. Unfortunately this is one brand on the list that I’ve never purchased or have worn myself. At least not yet, but I do plan on trying them out.under armour image

I have friends who wear their attire and are very satisfied with the quality and durability. But until I personally try them out myself I can’t verify what my friends say.

I do believe that Under Armour is a great brand and will be around for many years to come. They must be doing something right to be as successful as they are in such a short amount of time. But I’m sure they’ve been through their struggles just as every other brand I have on this list has gone through.

Well these are a few of the popular brand name athletic apparel manufacturers that are out there and that I personally wear on a daily basis and can verify the quality of. With the exception of Under Armour. Not only myself but thousands of professional athletes that wear them. Watch almost any pro sport especially golf and I can guarantee you’ll see at least 4 of the 5 brands if not all them being worn by the athletes.   www.underarmour.com

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