Women’s Workout Pants

Spring is upon us ladies and it’s time to get your workouts in to get that women's workout pantsbody toned for the beach this summer. I’m breaking out the women’s workout pants to get you motivated, or at least try to. This is the perfect time to get started, I know that most people try keeping their New Years resolution in January but how many of us actually do? Not many!

But the good news is that it’s never too late, you have plenty of time before summer to transform your body. !0 pounds, 20 pounds or even more is absolutely doable if you set your mind to it. Don’t let the fact that you didn’t start working out when you made a commitment to discourage you It doesn’t matter, move on and get going, it’s never to late!

And as I always say “if you dress the part, you’ll act the part” so having the Woman doing yogaproper fitness attire, in this case being women’s workout pants will motivate you to workout. Unless you stuff them in a closet where you won’t be able to see them lol. But you’re not that type of person right?

It’s a new year and a new you so let’s make it a year of committing to be the best you that you can be. I know it’s not easy, trust me but once you start you’ll continue to slowly see improvements and this is when the excitement starts, you’ll want to see the changes happening and will work even harder to continue to see the the changes. It’s a beautiful thing! And will motivate you even more.

As you can see I haven’t put any big “brand names” on the list because Woman doing split in yoga pantsthey’re more expensive and my job is to find you quality sports attire at reasonable prices. So the list I’ve assembled are of good quality and will serve it’s purpose just as well as the expensive name brands will.

Now I’m in no way knocking the big “name brands” I’ve been wearing them for years and I love them. But if you’re on a budget and your only purpose is to wear them to workout, then it’s really not necessary to buy expensive workout attire.

I wear the name brand attire because that’s what i wear to go out. I dress in sweats everyday, but when I workout I don’t wear my expensive name brand sweats. Why ruin an expensive set of sweats just to workout in. I mean if I were rich than it would be a different story.

Anyway the women’s workout pants that I’ve included are stylish and are women working outmade of good quality material. They will serve it’s purpose of getting in a good workout while being comfortable wearing them, and everyone knows how a workout can be ruined if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing.

I know for a fact that it’s close to impossible to get in a good workout while wearing uncomfortable workout cloths. It just doesn’t feel right. You can’t give 100% to your workouts if you’re not comfortable in the workout attire that you’re wearing. At least i know that I can’t anyway, maybe some of you can and there’s no problem with that.

But in the end it’s all up to you what type, style of women’s workout pants woman lifting weightsyou want to wear. I put these up for women who can’t afford $60.00 workout pants. Even if you could, is it really necessary? To some it might be but to others like myself as long as I’m comfortable while working out then I’m happy!

Now I can understand our elite female athletes wearing the more popular “brand name’ workout attire but then again most of them are being sponsored by the name brand executives that they are representing, so they have to wear them.

But for those of us who aren’t “elite” athletes and don’t have sponsors than we do the best we can with what we can afford. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We don’t have the big money contracts! So we do with what we can afford.

In the end, it’s all up to your personal preference, some women will only wear name brand workout pants while others could care less what brand it is as long as they are comfortable enough to get a good workout in. And in my opinion, that’s all that matters.

Just one more thing I’d like to add, never feel that you’re less than someone else because of what you’re wearing, focus on your objective, whether that means to lose 5lbs or 50lbs. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and just go for it! Believe me, small steps turn into big steps and before you know it you’ll be looking in the mirror wondering who that person is staring back at you!

Okay with that being said, lets get to point and look at some women’s workout pants and see if you’re interested in any of them, if not please leave me a comment letting me know what it is you’re most interested in as far as workout attire goes and I’ll do my best to find it for you if you can’t find it yourself, fair enough? Okay lets take a look and see if you like what you see!

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants With Pockets

  • Synthetic
  • 0.7″ high
  • 14″ wide
  • IUGA is a lifestyle brand that combines Style, comfort and performance. The high quality activewear is perfect fitness enthusiasts and everyday leisurewear as it is affordable and accessible, operating at the cross section between fashion and function, IUGA aims to please both the everyday fashion consumer and the ultimate exercise enthusiast.
  • Developed by Yogis,for yogis: A wide high-rise waistband with tummy control and a hidden pocket, these yoga leggings are perfect for active women. Featuring the super soft material, the workout leggings are very comfy with four-way stretch material that promotes both compression and support. In addition, a Gusset Crotch to maximize Rubbing and Chafing, making these leggings for women become the Perfect yoga pants.

There’s a lot more to the description of these yoga pants, if you’re interested you can read the description in it’s entirety by clicking the image.

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Yoga Pants for Women Tummy Control Yoga Leggings

  • 4 Way Stretch & Non see-through Fabric: We have to tell you that this is good elasticity and 4 way stretch non-see through fabric perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. No camel toe yoga pants.
  • Intimate inner & outside pocket: Hidden waistband inner pocket to stash your keys, intimate outside pocket can be put for cell phone or any essentials. Please choose your favorite style carefully. Please take care to choose the style,Inner pockets only one pocket, 3 pockets include Inner pocket and outside pocket.
  • High waist & Health fitness: Fengbay Women’s workout pants are designed with high-waist, tummy control wide waistband contours your curves and give you a streamlined look. Unique fitness and compression technology improves blood circulation and help to release muscle fatigue.

If you would like to read the rest of the description of these Yoga pants, you can click on the image and you can read the whole description.

Velvety Super Soft Lightweight Leggings 2-Pack

  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
  • NOT JUST ANOTHER LEGGING: The softest leggings you will ever own! Durable and comfortable, the polyester/spandex fabric blend is lightweight, creating an exceptionally comfortable fit. The mid-rise silhouette comes just under the belly button, for a lovely natural contouring effect, without uncomfortable tension. This 2-pack is a must-have wardrobe essential!
  • YEAR ROUND STYLE: Although typically worn during the cooler seasons, these leggings boast a lightweight and breathable material that can be worn comfortably any time of the year. This 2-pack is a must-have wardrobe essential for the globetrotting, always-on-the run girl. Perfect to wear day or night, all year long.
  • VERSATILE WEAR ABILITY: Whether casually wearing with a T-shirt or dressing up to go out, these leggings are versatile enough to pair with any outfit. Use as an added under layer in cold weather, or fashionably pair with a dress, skirt or shorts. Leggings look great with boots, sandals and ballet flats. Your personal style will be complemented by the comfortable fit and look of these stylish leggings.

To read the rest of the description, please click on the image if interested.

Neleus Women’s Yoga Capris Tummy Control High Waist Workout Pants

  • 18″ inseam based on size medium; 85% polyester/ 15% Spandex
  • Elastic closure
  • Ignore the “size chart” provided by Amazon, check the size chart of the third picture to select the appropriate size
  • One side pocket is big enough to put phone x plus, and hold it very steady
  • Moisture Transport System sweeps away sweat and dries quickly
  • High Waist, Non See-through, fabric is designed to contour perfectly to your body, giving you a streamlined look
  • Perfect capris for Yoga, exercise, fitness, gym, running, any type of workout or everyday use.

DIBAOLONG Women’s Yoga Sweatpants Loose Workout Joggers Pants Comfy Lounge Pants with Pockets

  • DIBAOLONG size chart: S(waist-23.62″ Length-37.40″) M (Waist-25.20″ Length-37.80″) L(Waist-27.60″ Length-38.20″) XL (Waist-29.92″ Length- 38.58″)
  • Comfy material: 92% polyester/ 8% Spandex. Soft, lightweight and breathable. lasting comfort & fit. Durable enough for your gym or casual. machine wash cold, do not bleach!
  • Features: Loose fitting, solid colors, skinny leg, elastic waist, women’s jogger pants casual lounge pants, soft and stretchy sleep night lounge pants, relaxed fit sweat pants.
  • Occasion: A casual lounge pants great for yoga, Pilates,gym,jogging,vacation,beach,sleeping lounge around, and relaxing at home. It is also a good choice for your daily casual wear. Suitable for any season wear.
  • Elastic & High Waist: Loose jogger pants with drawstring elastic waist, easy to adjust for a better fit. Give you more freedom in your sports time. Skinny leg will keep the pants in place and show off your sneakers.

Well there you have it ladies, I tried to put some women’s workout pants that were not only comfortable and stylish but affordable at the same time. If you don’t see anything you like, hit me up on my comments and I’ll do whatever i can to find what you’re looking for. And i’d appreciate any suggestions as far as what type of workout attire interests you the most.

Until Next Time!


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